The Small Joy of Fresh Beauty Supplies

A couple of stand-by products, and several new ones. I still have not found another mascara that does all that Benefit's Bad Gal Lash does, it goes on thick, and in a couple strokes you're done. I hate to fuss to much over mascara, it shouldn't take over a few seconds to get it on. Dr. Feelgood was a product I loved many years ago and forgot about, we have been happily reunited. It really does smooth and control shine. I pat it on if I have to run out the door after a longs day work and have no time to wash my face. Now, my favorite though has to be Mac's Pure Show liquid gold eye liner, GOLD!, as in your eyes look like jewelry, I'm loving it, I wear it alone. So I wanted to try a new face wash regimen, and finally gave Kiehl's oil-free face wash a try, I love it so far. You only need a tiny bit, it foams up so much and really gets you squeaky clean. And finally... I'm getting old, and felt the need to invest in "pretend like this product will make you look younger" serum. I have always really liked Clinique's products as they have never irritated my skin, so I'm giving the Laser Focus a try. Maybe I will see amazing results in 4-6 weeks, whatever. All in all, I love to bring home a new goodie, whether its a new shampoo, box of cookies, book, or make-up, so I thought I'd a show-n-tell. Ya, it's the little superficial things that can make me happy sometimes. Now, if only I can bring home a new and improved paycheck. 

  1. Bad Gal Lash
  2. Dr.Feelgood
  3. Mac Pure Show
  4. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus
  5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-free Cleanser

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