La Papagaya Casuals Original

My dear friend Samantha from La Papagaya Casuals sent me a beautiful custom bleach-dyed blouse made with her own hands. I adore it! A little small for me I know, but I do not care. My co-worker was gracious enough to take a few pictures for me. Here you have it, my Sunday work outfit. I could probably wear a version of this everyday. 

T-shirt: Mens Hanes
Jeans: F21
Boots: Lucky Brand


ATTAINED: Transition pieces and Color

ATTAINED: Transition pieces and Color

The reason I refer to my purchases as "attained" is because I work hard for my money. When I treat myself with department store items it is always with a bargain mind. These pieces featured were all on sale, with the exception of make-up.
My attempt to revamp my wardrobe to better suit my more classic and simple style is coming along well. It takes a lot of work, a different mind set, and shopping (how awful right?)

Clinique make-up, J Crew clothing, Halogen purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch



The wonderful and stylish gals over at Clothes Encounters put together an amazing video for us :) check out their youtube channel and subscribe!


ATTAINED: The Isabel Marant Dicker Look-alike

Above is the long lusted for Qualheim boot by Aldo. After over 2 months of drooling and mentioning them to my husband, he got them today for my birthday. Immediately upon putting them on, my simple sweater and jeans outfit turned into a way more stylish version of, well... sweater and jeans :)
It's no wonder that this boot had been so popular. It is a great chameleon of a boot, working with almost any outfit. Thank you Adlo for blatantly ripping off Isabel Marant's "Dicker" boots and providing me with a more reasonably priced version (versus a months worth of rent, pshaw).


Style Envy: Natalie Hughes of Canned Fashion

Natalie of Canned Fashion is the kind of gal that looks great in anything, and pulls it off in a seemingly effortless manner. A crisp pant and bright hues look just as wonderful on her as a soft heather gray and textured beiges. The careful balance of a great cut  and classic pieces, but with a twist. Oh to raid her closet. 



Currently In Love With: Wovens & Totes

Braided Handmade Friendship Bracelet - Half Diamond (7 colors: Magenta/Teal/Pink/Purple/Lime/Lavendar/Yellow)

Kind of addicted to Rebecca Deras beautifully woven friendship bracelets. I just purchased 3, for myself. yes, I buy myself friendship bracelets, don't judge :)

After seeing Jeffrey Campbells Cat Litas I just had to purchase the cat tote. I actually found this bag previously at a vintage shop, and hesitated to purchase it. Worked for me because I found it way cheaper on ebay. I actually got a little carried away with totes recently. I am awaiting the arrival of four totes, including the cat one, that I got on ebay. They are just so versatile, unpretentious, casual, and practical. I love them. This Fall its all about sweaters, big shoes, and totes.



Featured: Fashion Citizen Presents

The lovely sisters over at The Fashion Citizen did an amazing job at styling a few pieces we sent over to them earlier last week. We are so pleased that they liked the items we picked out for them. Stephanie and Melissa are naturals at knowing how to put outfits together, and even better, at a great price. We admire their thrifting ability and original outfits and fearless experimentation. You gals are super!

Finally Fall (maybe)

Finally an evening that was chilly enough to wear my anorak that I got a month ago! When I found this there were no more in my size. I scoured the internet with no luck and thought about it for several days. My next trip out to Macy's I decide to check again, still no mediums, but wait, whats that mannequin wearing?... yes, she had my medium on! This entire outfit was all about comfort. I have been craving fall so badly, and curse the warm weather in the afternoons. I am sure come winter I will regret it :)

Anorak: Macy's Alfani
Jeans: Levis
Blouse: Nordstrom
Heels: Born
Watch: grandpas Seiko
Necklace: estate sale


Style Envy: Shini Park of Park & Cube


Shini Park encompasses all that my fashion wishes consist of. Classic and modern style with a twist, fun, flirty, and ultimately unpretentious and casual. I discovered her amazingly beautiful blog Park & Cube during one of my midnight "why-did-I-have-a-Vietnamese-coffee-at-4pm" blog marathons, and it quickly became a favorite. As I am increasingly limiting my clothing purchases to must-haves (and not buying things at thrifts just because, hey, its 3 bucks) I come back to her blog for inspiration and guidance, kinda like a style guru. Take a look at her blog and you can easily see why.



Wild Wild Horses

"Wild Horses... couldn't drag me away..." ohh, I am anxiously awaiting my awesome Keith Richards T-shirt, which I will promptly wear and show off here to my imaginary readers. Well, this fine Saturday evening I took my last final at UCSD. I threw on my "going to take a final outfit" in hopes that an incredible jacket would increase my chances of getting an A, we'll see. I love this jacket, I almost sold it, but decided to wash it and hope it would shrink to my size, and it did! I'm off to machine wash my education now and hope that it fits better after some hot water and tumble dry.


jeans: Gap
crop top: Pink Zone
jacket: thrift
loafers: thrift