The Yellow Rose of California

So apparently this is what I look like after a Discrete Math midterm. hmm. I don't look so thrilled do I? Well, if you spent the last 2 hours looking at some foreign language and making a sad attempt to translate it, well, ya... I grabbed this dress a while back at the swap from a couple of awesome gals who were selling dresses 2 for $5. Man do I love a bargain. The skirt is pleated and the sleeves have a great little shape to them. Now talk about an awesome pattern combination: roses and paisley! I wasn't sure if I could do these colors (primary yellow and blue), but hey, it's summer. The belt I feel tones the color scheme down, so I like to think. This woven strawbag I am touting has been a great companion since I got it at Amvets for $2, it has nice, sturdy leather straps on it. I feel like a ditz saying it, but, cute dresses are so much more exciting then discrete math.


Shoes: Thrift
Strawbag: Thrift
Belt: Vintage

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