It's an Addiction

One thing I can never resist when thrifting is a beautiful teacup set. I already have 13-ish sets (a few are duplicates... and yes, I do have a problem), and the estate sale we went to the other day was a goldmine!  We went there not really knowing what to expect, and one of the first things I noticed was a table with a bunch of teacup sets. Not just plain ones at that, they were beautiful, and not to mention in amazing condition as well. I've seen sets like this ranging from $10-$30, so I didn't expect to be able to afford multiple sets. I asked the owner, who said "oh, $2 per set". WHAT. If I was sitting I may have fallen off my seat. She told me that her 97 year old late mother collected them, but had too many to keep. If she's getting rid of these, which are already so beautiful, then what do the ones she saved for herself look like?! So I ended up getting six sets. That pushes my collection closer to twenty. Don't judge. Yes, I will be that old lady in your neighborhood, probably next door to a cat lady.


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