Much Ado about this Blog

Well, this blog has been sorely neglected and never really got off to a good start anyway. Today I intend to change all that. Above are photos of myself and Belinda on our Thrift Store Adventures up to Los Angeles. We drove up north from San Diego last week to go and see Les Miserables, it was amazing! On our way we did what any good thrifter would do, we thrifted.
I looked up some stores along the way and in the end, 2 days later, we managed to hit up 10. We are rock stars like that. We also stopped by the biggest antique mall in California, King Richards. This place boasts 47,000 sq ft of goodies. This too was amazing! The pictures above are of us in the antique mall. We found some amazing treasures.
So... about this blog. I do intend on keeping it up, and also slowing beginning to post outfit shots as well. I imagine it will be a combination of thrift finds and outfit shots, along with some inspirational items as well. I hope it all goes well, I have a lot of bloggers I currently follow and I hope to get advice from them as I go through the process of making this look pretty.


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