Letters and Photos

When a free Friday presents itself the first thing I tend to think about is estate sales. Today was no different. We attended an estate sale of a 90 year old woman. Here we found a few treasures, treasures that I can't imagine how family members could pass them up and leave them in the hands of strangers. There was a large cardboard box full of cabinet photos. Everyone of them I wish I could have brought home, but alas, my pocket book decided otherwise. I did come home with a few, these lovely women are a couple of the ones I found. Within this box was also a 15 page letter from 1942. At the time, I didn't bother even looking at it, it didn't matter, I knew the stories held inside would capture my interest in the mystery of these people. My fellow photo lover Belinda also got herself a few photos, as well as a small globe, yet another tea cup and saucer, and a metal tin. I rounded out my purchases with a lovely 1950's rug with roses on it, a hand painted large metal platter, and a great floral printed skirt. All in all, another successful estate sale adventure. I adore to respectfully go through the belongings of the elderly. The treasures are endless, and I can't bear to leave without a little something from the past. Both Belinda and I have non-buying remorse for a few items we left behind. Her's is a wonderful 1940's typewriter, and mine a 1950's metal lawn chair, we cried a little inside.

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