What are we doing this weekend ?

So, as Jeff and I were taking a stroll in the Mission Hills area (I love to look at houses and landscaping) and I found this little treasure on a post. I don't think this is widely advertised, as I could not find anything online, but who knows. Belinda agreed to get her butt up early in the morning for this one. I will be waiting with coffee and cash in hand.

After we finish yard saleing our hearts out on Saturday we are headed up to LA and staying the night with my aunt. We will have another early morning on Sunday at the once-a-month Rose Bowl Flea Market. I can't wait for this one. I've never been! It's going to be a long weekend. Of course we will be reading our assignments in between. I wish that was sarcasm, but we have to read!!
 Wish us luck! We will be posting our adventures soon.


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